Welcome to the official site of Subotica Greeter Service! 

Do you like the original holidays and trips that are inspiring? Moving from well known tourists trails in order to meet the town from a different perspective? Do you enjoy in meeting different people and customs of other cultures? Are you ready to learn about the details that official tourist guide would never show you?

If you have at least one question answered yes, come along with us, because we are ready to show you how different tourism looks!

The inhabitants of Subotica, who love their town, are ready to meet other cultures, people of all ages, backgrounds, colors and religions and they are willing to voluntarily give up their free time to meet with you and give you a different traveling experience. They will show you the typical sights and strange streets, hidden treasures, local customs and outstanding history of Subotica.

In addition to being an alternative to traditional tourism, Greeters service is free and based on volunteerism and cultural exchange. It creates links between cities, local residents and visitors, by providing a new experience for the population of the city and offers visitors an insight in what they themselves would never find out.
Now you have the opportunity to choose from 148 401 ways to visit Subotica!