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How does Greeter service work?

If you wish to meet with Subotica Greeter, you must fill out the online form at least ten days before your arrival. When we receive your application, based on your interests, you'll be matched with the Greeter. The Greeter will guide the group that can't be larger than 6 persons, whether children or adults. 

Information from online applications assist the Subotica Tourist Board to find appropriate Greeter, who will be ready to meet your requirements. 
You'll be notified via email about your Greeter, no later than 5 days from the date of the requested meeting, and your online application will be forwarded to the assigned Greeter. He will than organize your tour. 

When you come to Subotica, Greeter will contact you and agree with you about the terms of the meetings which will be arranged in the Tourist Information Center, where you'll start a tour of the city. 

Each tour is organized in a unique way, depending on factors such as: what visitors want to visit or do, the Greeter, who will design a walk, the weather ... Tours are conducted at all times, whether it's raining, snowing, hot or cold! 

Walking through the city takes about 2 hours, but may take longer if the visitor and Greeter agree on that matter. 

Subotica Greeters service is completely free and it involves those who love their city and to them you have no financial obligation. No Greeter has the right to seek or receive visitors money no matter what. 

Visitors are aware of the rules of Subotica Greeters Service and agree with them. In case it is different, every Subotica Greeter has the right to cancel the tour.