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Experience Subotica

Subotica is a city, sprang up in the middle of the vast Great Plain, on the border of a sandy terrain and fertile loess lands, between the rivers Danube and Tisa. The city has recently celebrated 600 years of vibrant history. In the earliest ages, it was a fortress but it has developed into a town with seven gates, an open and spacey settlement lazily set down along WW Greeter Networkthe plain and fully identifying with it in style and spirit. Luckily, it has also developed into a regional centre, and the progress has left many art nouveau buildings lavishly decorating the city nowadays, and of these the City Hall, with its beauty and magnitude, is a gem and masterpiece of art nouveau architecture and craft, and one of the seven wondrous buildings in Serbia. From the square dominated by the City Hall, the city is radially spreading to all directions in the vast plain as long as it meets farmlands, pastures and forests. Randomly scattered farms are around the city everywhere. Their number is decreasing since finely arranged settlements emerge instead of them, yet songs and increasingly popular tourist packages, linking melancholic nostalgia and modern quest for adventures and excitement, keep them in living memory. In the proximity of Subotica, in harmony with the surrounding landscape nature has created and the locals have preserved and developed Lake Palić. As a favorite resort settlement, Palić has many names. Let’s mention few of them: “the blue eye of the Great Plain”, “the kiss of Subotica”, “a mirror of Subotica’s beauty”. Layered with history, beauty and variety, Subotica is an open, spacious, benevolent, multicultural city, where guests are always welcomed and hosted with sincerity, since the city offers more than it requests. It is experienced and seen as such, and also loved by the visitors, who are always hosted with sincerity.